1. Wear a brain bucket (aka Helmet), because there is a tree or slab of the trail with
    your name on it! You can recover from many broken parts when the
    unpleasant parts of riding happen, but you will have a harder time with a
    brain injury!! Yes, it looks dorky, stupid or whatever you negatively
    think of it, but you will thank me when you have a serious spill and you will be able to
    tell me about it!!

  2. Ride a bike that fits you!! If you ride a bike that is too big for you, it will cause
    you to fall when you try to stop and can’t reach the ground with your feet. If
    it’s too small for you, it will cause extra aches and pains that no one wants.
    Trust me you will have enough pains from riding in the perfect conditions,
    don’t create more!! Yeah, I said pain! Why would you do something that creates
    pain and enjoy it? The pleasure out weights the pain and the health gains are
    an added bonus!
  3. GET PADDED RIDING SHORTS!!! If you don’t like the tight cycling shorts, they
    sell padded cycling underwear so you can wear your own shorts. Your
    nether regions will be your biggest source of pain when you ride and you will be happy
    you have them!