Sam stands for Sam’s Amazing Mutts


Why is there a German Shepard on our website? Samara is front & center to bring awareness to an urgent problem.
Samara aka Sam is a rescued German Shepherd Dog (GSD) mix. She was on death row, she was set to die and only had hours left before meeting her maker, but fate had another plan for this precious girl. On June 21nd 2014, I walked into ACS looking for a purebred German shepherd that had been surrendered by its owner. I was already familiar with rescue dogs because I had been fostering dogs for SNIPSA for close to a year. We had lost one of our dear fur babies earlier that year that was also a rescue dog. I had always had a big dog in our family and knew it was time to rescue again. At a SNIPSA adoption event one of the foster moms told me there was a GSD at ACS that was about 2 years old, exactly what I wanted. As soon as the event was over I made a bee-line to ACS to save that dog, little did I know that was not the plan.
If you have never been to ACS, I highly recommend you take a trip and witness the poor neglected dogs, cats & exotic animals that are left there. You would think we were a 3rd world country when you see the abused, starving, neglected…just thrown away animals. Either because they were allowed to breed/puppies mils, dumped off like trash, surrendered because owners can’t afford them anymore or can’t afford their medical bills…., or my least favorite, the dog was too much to handle. Instead of training the dog, “let’s just take it to ACS surely someone will adopt it before it’s euthanized”. WRONG!!!
I made my way through the maze of kennels on a mad hunt for this GSD I had been told about. After my 3rd building, I was losing hope. Along the way I had spotted so many sad faces on the spirited puppies that have no clue of their fate. I finally found someone to assist my search. I found him… the beautiful GSD I had been searching for…. full of excitement, I was stopped in my tracks…. He doesn’t like cats or small children. The deflation took hold, I have both a small grandchild & cats. My spirit broken, I knew it was not meant to be. Now remember, I had said earlier that I had been at a SNIPSA adoption event. That meant I had my foster dogs with me & since they didn’t get adopted, that meant someone had to stay in the car with them as I went on my hunt. Therefore, we had divided up. My other daughter, whom had been patiently waiting with the foster dogs, wanted to see the animals.
Heartbroken I made my way back through the maze of kennels, this time I was moving at a slower pace. I remember walking into building 2 and there was this mange infested dog that they hadn’t even named. She was in such bad shape they only gave her 3 days to live & only a number. She fit the description for the kind of dog that never got adopted. I just remember how big her paws were when I pasted her the first time. The second time she was actually facing away from me trying to grab the attention of another person on the opposite side of the kennel. I spotted it…. With what hair she had left, I could see the markings of a GSD. “No way” I thought. I called her over to me…. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes, those beautiful deep brown eyes still filled with hope. She plopped down next to the kennel door looked up at me. Through the mange, the ticks covering her face that had ticks on top of ticks, blood dripping down her paws, she reached her big paw up to my face to say “Save Me”.
Immediately I found a helper. I tried to get a back story but like most of them, they knew nothing other than where she was rescued from. I asked if I could come back & get her Monday after I spoke to my husband & SNIPSA to see if we could foster her. I was promptly told she would not make it till Monday…. Monday June 23rd, just happened to be my birthday. I hated to leave her but I needed to make my calls and get my foster babies back home. The ACS staff assured me she was OK till Sunday but after that she was set to die & it would be before they opened on Monday. They told me that there was basically no worry about her getting adopted because “look how bad she looks, unless you come back to get her, She will not make it till Monday”. THE RACE WAS ON!!!

After phone calls to SNIPSA and my husband, who was at work & did not want to hear about another dog…. “We are trying to sell our home & you want to bring a mange infested, smelly, hairless dog into our home now?” Basically the answer was NO! Well, anyone that knows me, knows that’s not going to stop me from trying. I quickly explained it was my birthday & that dog was not going to die on my birthday… I thought if I can just foster her, we can then decide if she’s the right fit. My husband agreed. Thanks to SNIPSA; they also agreed to take her into their program.
So late Sunday evening I drive back to ACS right before they close and take out this straggly girl that smelt horrible and headed home. The next few weeks were very eventful. Just when I think I’ve saved this fur baby’s life she turns very ill. She goes a few days without being diagnosed with tick-born disease. I even met a vet at midnight, yes I said midnight, at the corner of 1604 & HWY 281 in a restaurant parking lot to get meds. Mind you, this was 4th of July weekend and our vet was out of town; fortunately, he graciously met me on his way back from traveling.
I didn’t know if she was going to make it through the night. The next morning I crept down the stairs slowly peaking around the railings towards her kennel area. I was afraid of what I was going to find if those meds didn’t work. But to my surprise the diagnoses was correct and a perky silly hairless shepherd was eagerly awaiting my arrival. From that moment on, this beautiful spirit has been by my side. She is my partner in crime and my wingman. She loves nothing more than to be in my back seat going where ever I go, even if there is no treat involved.

WE, Sam & I, wanted to give back and try to save more fur baby lives. We have created Sam’s Amazing Mutts Facebook fan page.
We will feature dogs, cats & other animals that need rescuing. I continue to foster dogs of all sizes & breeds. I’ve passed this passion onto my daughters who help me with all our foster babies. I’ve been asked many times how I can give up the dogs I foster because I’m so passionate about my animals. I can tell you it’s not easy to do but when you know they are going to a forever home and will be blessed with a family and a second chance…. It all makes my sorrow worth it.
In most cases, I am still in touch with the families that have adopted them and I enjoy the continued photos and updates. I’ve been blessed and it’s my duty to share my love for animals and bring awareness to the rescues that help these beloved animals. Please check out some of the links below. PLEASE ADOPT DON’T SHOP!!!

SnipSA Home Page

Before and After pictures of Samara
Figure 7 Amazing what 2 years, love & compassion can do for a dog!